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SEORiver, founded and operated by Joshua Meyer, specializes in all thing Internet Marketing, with search engine optimization leading the strategy. Through his extensive education, thorough experience, and the most advanced optimization tools and software available, Joshua is the SEO guy who can make your marketing strategy more seamless, robust and complete.

SEORiver takes pride in the business relationships we form with our customers. We can consult with specific SEO projects such as website transfers, technical issues, and onsite SEO, or we can step in and act as your entire digital department for long term SEO, social media, paid advertising, and lead generation engagements. We have several clients we have worked with for several years, and are considered just as much a part of their marketing team as their internal employees.

It all starts with a conversation. Give Josh a call and let’s discuss how we can start leveraging the power of the internet to boost your business revenue.


  • “Josh was a great resource for our website search engine optimization project.  Thorough, organized, and responsive, he not only delivered great results, but also truly educated us in the process and helped guide us on exactly what was needed for our particular business.  We now not only have a better understanding of how to integrate SEO with our entire marketing strategy, but through his research have gained valuable insight on how to present our brand online and beyond.  We would highly recommend Josh to any business owners looking to optimize their website.” – John

    Cates Collaborative
  • “We always envisioned growing the marketing department within our web design company. Josh helped us to create a digital marketing department from the ground up, and secure the digital marketing retainers we needed to ensure consistent income every month. By offering more than just we design, we were able to help our clients succeed like never before, while growing our own business.” – Vince

    Furthersite Web Design Solutions
  • “Before I met Josh we were struggling to build our business and wasting valuable time cold calling leads for our fitness business in an ultra competitive market. We now use SEO, social media, and Facebook advertising to bring leads directly to our door.  I really don’t know where we would be without him today.” – Chris J.

    Hustle Fitness™

About Josh Meyer

Chicago SEO Consultant

My belief is that a long-term strategy, accompanied with a strong business relationship, is the key to success. I never stop looking for the next opportunity to help companies in building their online presence. From developing the strategies to analyzing the analytics, I work with businesses as they grow, in a manner that is fully transparent, consistent, and accessible.

Josh Meyer Chicago SEO Expert

With an emphasis on data driven results, my expertise and knowledge lie within organic and local search engine optimization, paid digital advertising, social media marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. Over the years, I have consulted for over 20 small- and large-scale agencies in developing their digital marketing strategies, primarily within their SEO departments.

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